Couples Session Guide

This session is about celebrating your life together. It's also a great opportunity to "unlearn" how you've previously taken photos. Our time together will feel anything but a photo session. It’s mostly hanging out, walking and chatting. Although I’ll help you along with posing, you’ll find yourselves settling-in with subtle direction.

We gradually disengage by giving space, by stepping away. This will give you an opportunity to talk freely about tangible things. Topics such as dinner plans that evening, next vacation, a neighbor’s funny dog. This is when it happens; this is what we photograph.

Today's couples send their save-the-date cards at least 5 months before the wedding. Couples sessions, also called engagement sessions, usually take 90-minutes. Weather permitting, best natural light happens during first light and again 2-hours before sunset. An evening session can be incredibly adventurous and distinct.



Booking your session is best done sooner than later - this avoids other task deadlines for your wedding. Weekday evening sessions work best, we’ll have less pedestrians and public spaces seem less busy. The proofs will be available in 10-days and the final edits shortly after you’ve submitted your choices.


The session will result in a collection of photos that are undeniably you and will instantly be recognized by family and loved ones alongside your subtle, distinct quirks that they love.


I’m a firm believer that we’re all beautiful creatures. It only gets weird when we try to look like others.


This session is designed for you to get a good sense of the photo process. Establishing rapport paves the way for better looking wedding photos.



Let me begin by saying I’m happy to shoot anywhere and our work is often influenced by the environment in which we’re working with. It’s usually a good idea to choose a unique location that’s in character for you both. As with outfits, your location should reflect you. I’ve often framed a dense patch of woods that seems it took hours of hiking to find - although our cars were 5-feet behind the camera. We needn’t spend much of your precious session time in traveling. Transition time considered, you may have multiple outfit and location changes our time allows.

Keep an open mind and please know the best portraits draw viewers to you rather than your location. Our session doesn’t have to be deep and conceptual - ultimately, it should be at place you love. DC has a beautiful landscape and we easily get caught up with breathtaking monuments. I do my best to use these as a detail instead of an overwhelming, sweeping backdrop. If you’re leaning towards a modern and minimalistic feel, you may want to consider someplace urban with empty walls. Good examples are the National Gallery of Art and Hirshhorn Museum, besides the amazing architecture - it’s also climate controlled. If you’re into nature, beautiful scenery is always within reach. One’s home is a great place for photos that’s often overlooked.

Also consider permit requirements. As long as we don’t bother anyone - location staff are often fine with people taking pictures without permit formalities (unless you're wearing wedding outfits). Without one, please understand we could be asked to leave anytime.

simple, unassuming and spontaneous.


Although it’s totally up to you, I feel it's a good idea to dress casually for the session. This approach complements your snazzier wedding looks and offers a more versatile set of photos. Signs and other accessories are fine, but let’s keep it to a point that you don’t worry about so much stuff to bring along throughout our time together. Also, please bring comfortable footwear; we’ll do quite a bit of walking. Those portraits you’ve seen of the couple standing on a mountaintop were possible because of hiking boots and not by the signature heels she’s wearing in the photo. To enjoy the experience, please plan to bring less stuff for minimal distraction. Leave your purse in the car and keys, phones should be in your back pocket.


This guide is merely a collection of tips and in no way a set of rules. At the end of the day, it really is about you and I’m grateful to help you make it happen.


Wedding packages amounting to more than $4,500 include an engagement session. The amount you’ve paid for your couples session carries over to your wedding photo package.