What are your prices?

Weddings begin at $3500 for 6 hours. A $4500 package has 8-hours and an engagement session.

Elopements are $2000; up to a party of 20.

Portrait sessions for couples and families start at $850.

If it’s convenient for you to come to me in Columbia, MD, one-person portrait sessions begin at $350.

I accept Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, credit cards and check.

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How many photos do you deliver?

Approximately 60 photos are delivered per hour of wedding photography. Portrait sessions depend on the options clients choose. Click here to send your questions my way.

What’s your delivery schedule?


The first 12 images will be be sent to you within 48-hours of your wedding. You will have the best 50 images in a week and the rest is handed over within 6 weeks.


How do we receive our images? A: I’ll prepare an online gallery that hosts your high-resolution, fully edited images. This gallery acts as a shareable, mobile friendly slideshow, and download portal.


Do you deliver RAW photos so I may process these myself?

I believe delivering RAW files is a disservice to clients. RAW images are unfinished work and don’t represent the craftsmanship you’ve come to approve. It’s much like a baker handing over flour instead of bread to those who say they can bake too. :)

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Can we see a full gallery?

Transparency is a big deal. This should be asked from your photographer. Impressing clients with one’s best work is expected; but sharing complete deliveries brings about a certain level of confidence and accountability.


What are your travel fees?

If long travels are needed, I’d like to arrive at wedding locations at least 36 hours ahead of the event. I always leave the day after. Please account for hotel, airfare and car rental. For relevant travel arrangement questions, let’s chat.


What about payment schedules?

Weddings are costly and I do my best to help. I only ask $500 to save your date and you could settle up with several convenient payments. Completion has to be made 3 days prior to your wedding.


Any tips for the camera-shy?

Firstly, congrats on being a normal person! :) I have yet come across a person who’s felt otherwise. Frankly, making good photos is all about not trying at all. See how others’ did it here.

Do you require unplugged weddings?

At the end of the day, couples are always happy with unplugged weddings. Yet I never require this. Seeing iPads in your wedding photos may be something cool decades from now. To determine what’s best for you, let’s talk.


Do you shoot with an assistant?

Unobtrusive photography allows you, and more importantly, your loved ones, to enjoy the wedding completely. I pursue this by working alone; I’ve done so for weddings larger than 350 happy people. Being at this trade since 2002 has honed my anticipation skills pretty darn well. But if you deem it necessary, a second photographer is available as an option.


We notice that you display photos of just couples, do you also take detail photos and family pictures?

I have always hoped clients book me for my work’s intimate and spontaneous feel, so this is what I share the most. I want to be commissioned for this and not my ability to photograph table settings and nice chairs. Although I love photographing details, there’s no way this will be done over Grandma wiping tears, tiny nieces high-fiving nor your dad’s moonwalk.


When do we see our stuff?

Through a download portal from my site, you'll be given a handful of preview images within 24 hours from your day, an extended preview a week after that, and the beautifully-edited full set, 6 weeks after your wedding day.


How do you back-up your photos?


As I drive home from your wedding, the back up process begins as the day’s work is downloaded to a laptop and an external drive. When I get home or to the hotel, the folder is then uploaded to my cloud. Within 24-hours of your wedding, we’ll have 5 copies. You will have remote access to your photos for at least 3 years. With that said, I highly recommend you keep 2 digital copies for yourself in different locations.

Do you offer video?

I’m sorry, no. I strive for efficient simplicity and prefer to contain my service to what I’m directly involved with. I could recommend several highly-capable professionals. I encourage that my style matches theirs. For instance, my first look sequence is intimate and encourages raw emotions while the video team's methods involves 3 spotlights, 5 cameras and a drone hovering the bride. We can’t have the intimate moment for you this way.


Do you have insurance?

Yes, up to $2M. Your peace of mind is an integral part of my business.


May I print the images on my own and use these as I wish?

Yes, please. Have fun with your images, I will issue a print and distribution release.


I’m an aspiring photographer our work reflects the quality I aspire for myself. May I shoot with you to learn?

Yes, I’m happy to have you. I accept a limited number of apprentices each season. I love sharing what I know by inviting photographers see how I do things and answering a few questions after a session. The tide raises all boats and I’m happy to help.