Although this collection of Frequently Asked Questions addresses most initial inquiries, the approach revolves around client preferences.


Q: My wedding requires less than what you offer, do you have alternate packages? A: Commissions depend on several factors. I’m happy to put together a custom package for you. I aspire for efficiency and simplicity. Please say hello; I’d like to understand your needs better.

Q: How many do photos do you deliver and? A: I deliver approximately 40 to 50 images per hour of wedding commission. As I anticipate moments to photograph, spontaneity is key. I filter the unflattering images for you. No fillers. Portrait sessions have fixed packages you can go through. for a 90-minute session, we’'ll create about 800 frames and you will receive a good amount of photos as proofs. You may then select your favorites according to your chosen package.

Q: Do you deliver RAW photos so I may process these myself? A: I believe delivering RAW files is a disservice to clients. RAW images are unfinished work and don’t represent the work you’ve used to determine my credibility. I feel it’s much like a baker selling flour instead of bread to those who say they can bake better. I’m committed to deliver my best work.


Q: Do you offer video? A: I’m sorry, no. I strive for efficient simplicity and prefer to contain my service to what I’m directly involved with. I could recommend several highly-capable professionals. I encourage that my style matches theirs. For instance, my first look sequence is intimate and encourages raw emotions while the video team's methods involves 3 spotlights, 5 cameras and a drone hovering the bride. We can’t have the intimate moment for you this way.

Q: Do you offer destination weddings? A: Yes, I do. I love traveling. At most, I request that travel, board and lodging is accommodated for your photographer/s. I prefer to be at the destination two days ahead. This would allow me enough time for travel delays and location scouting. No fine print funny stuff.


Q: Do you have client reviews? A: Yes, I do and I’m truly grateful for such awesome clients that leave reviews. WeddingWire.com hosts my client testimonials. Since I’ve joined them in 2015, I’ve received the exclusive WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Award. This is given to the nation’s top 5% vendors as elected by its members. As of this writing, I happy to share with you that I have 300+ hard-earned 5-star reviews.

Q: May I print the images on my own and use these as I wish? A: Yes, please. Have fun with your images, I will issue a print and distribution release.

Q: How do we receive our images? A: I’ll prepare an online gallery that hosts your high-resolution, fully edited images. This gallery acts as a shareable, mobile friendly slideshow, and download portal. The first 12 images will be be sent to you within 24-hours of your wedding. Complete delivery is done within 6 weeks.

Q: Can my auntie take pictures of my wedding? A: Yes, I’m happy to give her tips too. Please request that they stay behind me at all times.

Q: Can we see a full gallery? A: I’m a firm believer of transparency. There’s something about seeing a complete and actual delivery. This brings us to a certain level of confidence that’s necessary to move forward. I have a few complete galleries throughout this website.

Q: Do you have insurance? A: Yes, up to $2M. Peace of mind is an integral part of my business.

Q: Are you doing this full-time or part-time? A: I have two full-time jobs. I’m a dad first and a photographer second.

Q: Your work reflects the quality I aspire for myself. May I shoot with you to learn? A: Yes, I’m happy to have you. I accept a limited number of apprentices for a given season. Please say hello, I love sharing what I know. The tide raises all boats.