So, let’s talk about your budget.


Not my favorite subject, but an important one all the same. I know how important this is to you and I’m thankful you’ve gotten this far in getting to know what I offer.


Before we start, please know I understand. Really. You want your day perfect. You want all your loved ones there and know they are well taken care of. You want to look your best. There is much to look after as you plan your day. It’s completely up to you what to prioritize.


This is nothing more than a gentle suggestion, you should consider your photographs not despite all the other costs and efforts that go into planning your wedding day, but because of it.


You want to remember everything as it happened. You want to relive the emotions, the hugs, tears and laughter, all mixed into one day. You’re not merely in a pretty dress on this day, but the thought of the look in his eyes when he first sees you walking towards him in it. These moments are made up of your parents’ tears as they hold hands, your siblings’ excitement, your friends dancing with you. This is what your photography is for. Because it’s not just stuff you invest in, but stories you will tell long after the wedding day. We’re in this together.


You want someone by your side that assumes the responsibility with careful preparation. Someone whose images took your breath away the first time you’ve seen their portraits. Feeling that beating in your chest is good hint that, yes, you have found your photographer.

This is not just a person with a camera, but someone whose work spoke to you--without the usual sales pitch. You want to consider a person others have completely trusted to document their precious memories.

And consistently came through, beyond of what’s expected.


What are you really paying for on your wedding day?