Life has blessed me more than I deserve.

Hello, I’m Josh.

I’m a dad of two amazing kids. Well, ok they’re not kids anymore but us parents like thinking of them this way. I’ll do anything for them and will teach them everything I know. They’re thoughtful, diligent, and kind—thank goodness for moms. I’ve known my wife since we were 15 and we’ve been in an eternal hanging-out status since. I’m proud of her in many, many ways. I still panic a little when she looks at me funny. I live a life that’s not mine but entirely theirs.


Photography has been a constant companion since 2002. I fall for it more year after year. I’m grateful your search has brought you here. If you feel my work aligns with your vision, as well as the other wonderful couples I’ve worked with, let’s chat for a bit. We may be on to something here.