simple unobtrusive spontaneous



People are naturally beautiful — so are moments.

I aspire to document your day as it happens, unaffected by a photographer.


We’re drawn to simple things. Let’s do more by using less. Together, we’ll thrive in what’s genuine and spontaneous.


Sooner than most would imagine, these memories will be all that’s left of your wedding day. What we’ll create will allow you go back to this moment after decades upon decades have passed. These become more valuable with every passing year, through family life and its changes, with every coming generation. They will wonder who we were, how we lived, how fiercely we loved.


The simplest answer are photos.


Life is an experiment. Trial and error. You reap what you sow.


Photos are meant to bring about an overwhelming fondness that feels just like home.


Many would call this your big day.

I’m here to tell you it’s the first of many awesome ones.


I’m with someone whom I knew I was going to marry since 1993. We look at each other in a certain way and realize, we’re beyond husband and wife. We’re each other’s constants. This is what lies ahead and I’m excited for you.


You don’t live only once, you live every day.


Your artist’s perception of things matters. Images affect us differently. This is how your connection with their work plays a role in your decision. My work isn’t for everyone so please click here to see why some say I’m the right person for them.