Many would call this your big day. I’m no way an expert but I’m here to tell you it’s the first of many awesome ones. I’ve been married to the crush of my life since 1998. Often, we look at each other in a certain way and realize - we’re beyond husband and wife. We’re each other’s constants. This is what lies ahead and I’m excited for you.

Your artist’s perception of things matters. This is how your connection with their work plays a role in your decision. Photography is highly subjective. I will never be the best photographer yet I’m hoping what I offer is the right one for you. What’s appealing to you may affect the next person differently. If you’re suited for another type of work - nothing would make me happier than helping you identify your artist. I know quite a bit of them.

Unobtrusive photography is the core of the effort to document your day as it happens. Years of practice has taught me to develop a certain anticipation of those details wedding couples tend to miss. You were busy enjoying your day together - I do my best so you may relive the day through my eyes later on. Working alone enables me to move where I’m needed and do what I want without relying on others and worry if they got the shot you’ve entrusted me to deliver. I only bring associates if it’s absolutely needed to be in two places at once and they’re awesome at what they do. I’ve done larger weddings, up to 350 guests by myself. There are no retakes and no re-surprised looks.

This is why you want someone by your side who assumes the responsibility with careful preparation; someone whose images took your breath away the first time you’ve seen her or his work. Feeling that held breath in your chest that is a pretty good hint that, yes, you have found your photographer. Not just a person with a camera, but someone with a vision that’s strangely aligned with yours. Someone who has the same thirst for life’s quirks and imperfections. Also, please consider a person others have completely trusted to document their precious memories. And came through; beyond of what’s expected - time and again. If you’ve gone this far on my website, let’s chat, please - we may be on to something. :)

The amount paid for a previous project may be considered part of an 8-hour wedding package.

This service begins at $3500 for a 6-hour package.

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monterey, ca

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washington, dc

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