family sessions


As you look back to a favorite childhood memory, what do you remember?

I’m willing to bet it’s not the time you were asked to say cheese in front of a camera.

You remember that first bike ride, the way the kitchen looked after you’ve baked your first cookie or probably even that tire swing by the lake.

If we do this right, smiles needn’t be asked for at all.


Let’s plan for an activity or two. 

This will keep everyone’s movements authentic and engaging.

I’ll have a few posing suggestions; but it isn’t really about posing, isn’t it?


The kids may enjoy the session - or maybe have a meltdown. I’ll photograph those too - and I have a good feeling you’re going to love those as well. I have yet met a child that could hold still and frankly, as a parent myself, I think they never should. I’d love to answer any questions; please say hello.

Let's define your loved ones and your love for the lives you're living. Sessions begin at $750. Prints are options, click here to see print rates.





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