I aspire to keep things spontaneous, relaxed and genuine. As you look back to a favorite time in your childhood, what do you remember? I’m willing to bet you’re not recalling a time that you were asked to say cheese in front of a camera. You remember that first bike ride, the way the kitchen looked after you’ve baked your first cookie or probably tried to bake that first cookie. Please choose a few favorite activities the family enjoys sharing. If we do this right, smiles needn’t be asked for at all.

We'll chat as we go along. I’ll probably have a few posing suggestions; but it isn’t really about posing, isn’t it? The kids may enjoy the session - or maybe have a meltdown. I’ll photograph those too - and I have a good feeling you’re going to love those as well. I have yet met a child that could hold still and frankly, as a parent myself, I think they never should. I'm in constant search of each family's distinct moments, because none of us have identical adventures.

The session usually takes an hour to an hour and a half.

Let's define your loved ones and your love for the lives you're living. Packages start at $750.


bethesda, md

bastian, amy and nate

columbia, md

the earnests

columbia, md

the hennesseys

potomac, md

the venkatesans

national portrait gallery, dc

amari, jamie and jesse

columbia, md