Professional photography has been a constant companion since 2002. I fall in love with it more year after year.

Hello there, I’m Josh.

I’m a dad of two amazing kids. I’ll do anything for them and will teach them everything I know. They’re thoughtful, diligent, and kind—thank goodness for moms. I’ve known my wife since we were 15 and we’ve been in an eternal hanging-out status ever since. I’m very proud of her in many, many ways. I still panic a little when she looks at me funny. I live a life that’s not mine but entirely theirs. I can’t be any more blessed.

I’m drawn to all things simple. Let’s do more by using less. People are naturally beautiful; moments are naturally beautiful. Accessorizing is unneeded. It’s with this understanding I aspire to create character-defining images that will stay with your family for generations to come. It’s you, at your truest form, at a specific moment in your life. Your children’s children and those who came after will benefit more from this than we can imagine.

They will wonder who we were, how well we lived, how fiercely we loved.


The objective is to create cohesive, enjoyable and unobtrusive photography.

My work aspires to remind of the day as it happened—spontaneous, unguarded, and unaffected by a photographer. If you simply want perfectly coordinated pictures, I may not be a perfect fit for you. And that’s OK, I would like you to be happy. Nothing would please me more than helping you define further what type of a professional you’re looking for. I thrive in delivering genuine images that you may not have had an opportunity to experience throughout your day. I’m drawn to difficult photo situations knowing very well that this is where the magic happens. Aware that I’m invited to my clients’ private lives and intimate moments, I strive to be the quiet observer yet the worthy storyteller. My presence is about one thing: to deliver your story truthfully. Please go through my site and see some of the best stories I’ve ever told.

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